The Federal Senate has approved on Wednesday morning, May 30th, the Compulsory Cancer Registry Bill nationwide. With the approval, the adoption of mandatory notification of cancer cases in Brazil will provide fundamental data to improve the management of public health resources, which will speed up the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in the country ando will facilitates the enforcement of the Law of 60 Days. The bill now follows for the presidential sanction.

The articulation work of GoAll, multisectoral group which FEMAMA is a member, was mentioned and praised by Senator Waldemir Moka during the voting session in plenary. FEMAMA and its associated institutions around the country have been accompanying and mobilizing for the advancement of the bill since 2016. In 2018, the need for better cancer data also became the agenda of GoAll and its institutions, joining efforts to transform the country's cancer setting.

"We are very pleased and proud of the approval of the bill. We know the importance of this advance, which can greatly improve the lives of thousands of patients and help in the planning of cancer coping in a more agile and proper way. This is a result of the efforts of awareness, mobilization and articulation of a organized civil society, represented by several institutions that make up the FEMAMA network throughout the country, as well as member institutions of the Go All group, which combines the third sector, industry among others”, said Dr. Maira Caleffi, FEMAMA's volunteer president.